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About Jen From Pretty & All



Hi I'm Jen, the founder of Pretty and All boutique! I am so happy you're here and appreciate your support more than you know. I started the boutique after years and years of shopping at small boutiques and dreaming of having a boutique of my own. 

I finally decided there's no time but the present! Pretty and All is a size-inclusive boutique offering a hand-picked, curated collection of pretty things. Society’s struggle with size inclusivity is real. For far too long, women who didn’t fit into “standard” clothing sizes had difficulty walking into a store and leaving with something they could actually wear and love.

I am launching this boutique because it has always been a dream of mine to be a true girl boss and curate a collection of clothes that I seek out for myself. A place where any woman can go and be obsessed with how cute it is. And in the process, I hope I can provide inspiration to dreamers who want to crush their goals and look amazing while doing so.