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How To Walk Your Furry Friends in Style

Nearly 40% of all Americans have at least one dog, which means that there are households all over the nation with sweet furry friends. Most of the time, people walk their dogs at least once a day. This is an opportunity to show off your style and your pet’s style as well! Show the neighborhood your cute furry friend in a way that brings out their personality, and helps them get to know you too

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Dog Clothes

What kind of dog clothes are available? Well, most people think of dog clothes as little shirts or dresses designed for dogs. Some people love these, while others criticize them. They are so much more than just clothes! There are many useful dog accessories and clothing that can really benefit your pup, and some things that are just cute and fun. Some pets do not enjoy wearing dog clothing, so be sensitive to your pet’s needs. However, most pets seem to enjoy or do not mind wearing dog clothing or pet collars. 

Functional Dog Clothes

There are many varieties of dog clothes that are functional and can aid your dog. Some dogs shed a lot, so there are clothes that can keep their shedding down. There are clothes for dogs with less hair or low body fat to help keep them warm. There are clothes that can help keep a dog from scratching at or gnawing at a certain area of their skin while it heals. There are even raincoats to keep your dog dry, life jackets for keeping your dog safe on the water, and protective clothes to keep them from getting stickers or bugs on hikes. One of the most important and useful dog accessories is a set of dog booties, which protect their feet. This can be used when hiking on rocky terrain or swimming, and for protecting their feet from hot concrete during the summers. There are many different ways for dog clothes to aid your puppy pal! 

Dog Clothes for Fun

Dog clothes are so much fun, and can really make your furry friend happy. You might dress up your dog for Halloween, or for a rainy day or snow day. You could match your dog as well! Most people don’t realize that clothes for dogs also include bandanas, which are another form of pet collars, and other accessories like bow tie collars. Dog clothes are a great way to show off your pet and enjoy how cute and special each and every dog is. 

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Dog Leash

While there are functional and fun dog clothes, a dog leash is a separate accessory that is pretty essential if you are going to walk your dog. Most dogs do not have perfect recall and most dogs are not trained enough to walk by their owner at all times. On a walk, your dog might feel threatened or scared, just by seeing something unfamiliar. This is normal! That is why a dog leash is so important. You can keep your best bud right by you while you calm them and make sure they don’t run away. You should almost always have your dog on a leash. Some people with great training and the right kind of dog can walk their dog without a leash, but never assume your dog can walk without one. Dog leashes can be simple, or you can purchase ones that are fun or stylish to match your style or even your dog’s personality. Walking your dog has never been easier with a good leash! 

Pet Collars

Collars are absolutely classic, and just about every dog has at least one collar. Collars usually have a ring that is for dog tags, so you can put your dog’s name and information on it. This is a great way to identify your dog so that if they are lost or somehow get out of your home, they can be identifiable. They are also a great way to get a quick grip on your dog if you need to grab them and hold them without hurting their skin or fur. They come in all shapes and sizes to match your dog and their needs. 

Cute Collars

Collars are not just useful, they are cute and fun as well! They are almost like jewelry for your pet, so there are so many options available. Another form of collar is called a halter, which goes around the dog’s torso and legs so that it doesn’t pull on their throat at all. If you notice your dog is pulling with their collar, a halter may be right for you. Making your pet happy is such an enjoyable feeling. 


Even if you don’t have a dog, you are almost certain to have a friend or family member who does. A great gift for a pet owner is something for their pet! Matching a t-shirt to a collar or bandana for them, or even just buying them a cute dog leash can be a great and simple gift. Most pet parents are always looking for something or another for their pet, so gifting them a cute item is sure to be a perfect present. If you both have pets and they are friends, maybe buy them matching collars! You could even have a cute photoshoot with your furry friends! There are so many ways to make and keep great friends with pet accessories. 

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Your Dog and Your Style

Every pet parent knows, having a happy and healthy pet is truly the best feeling. Don’t be afraid to include your dog in your style. After all, they are a member of your family! On your daily walks, you can show the world how much you love your furry bestie, and show off their unique personality. Make the most of your time with your pets, and spend time with them. Show them off! With the right combination, you and your pet can take on the world looking your absolute best!