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Our Best Layering Tips to Stay Warm and Stylish

Staying Warm and Stylish While Layering

As the weather gets colder during the winter months, style can sometimes go out the window. While you may need to wear more clothes, layering is a great style strategy that isn’t as accessible during other seasons. Layering for warmth can be very useful, but it takes a trained eye to do it properly. If you can layer properly, you can also save money on clothes, enjoy more time in the cold weather, and find a new kind of style for yourself. It’s a great way to stay warm and stylish this winter season!

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Layering for Warmth

One of the biggest fears people have when layering is looking bulky and overdressed. While this can happen, there are many ways to avoid bulk and still stay warm. This includes wearing the right kinds of fabrics, accessories, and even just knowing the basic tips and tricks to help you layer. 

The Key to Layer Looks

The best way to have warming layers is to follow a simple formula! The first thing to know is to never or very rarely layer more than three articles of clothing. These three articles should be a base layer, a mid-layer, and an outer layer. Each piece of the outfit together makes a layer look complete! 

Base Layer

The base layer of any layered look is the most simple. Some people choose a plain tee, long-sleeve top, or another basic item. This includes shirts like turtlenecks or even tank tops. Bodysuits are also a great base layer. The base warming layer is usually white, black, or another neutral color. A basic shirt is a perfect place to start so that your layering can look more natural and not clash with any other colors or patterns you might choose to wear. It should also be something you can wear on its own, because one of the best parts about layering is that you can deconstruct some of your look if you get too warm. This is especially important if you know you will be indoors and you don’t know how warm it will be. You should own some base layer shirts with varying collars and necklines, so that you can change up your look. 


When you begin layering for warmth, the mid-layer is always a bit more eye-catching than the base layer. This should be a thicker material than the first layer, but not restrictive. This can be sweaters, button-down shirts, cardigans, and more. This year, graphic sweatshirts are a great look that can easily be a layer for you. Sometimes mid-layers and outer layers can be somewhat interchangeable. Fun mid-layers include things like overalls, thin jackets, dresses and sets, hoodies, and even graphic tees. These can fit your style and you can reuse clothes from other seasons in this layer most often. 

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Outer Layer

Since this layer will be the one on the top, this layer is usually the most eye-catching. It is also often the warmest. Probably the best options for the outer layer are coats, sweaters, jackets, and more. A coat is one of the warmest and also the most stylish layers you can find. If you have an attractive and warm coat, your layer look will be done in minutes. There are so many different styles of coats. Puffer coats are in style this year, and trench coats are a great style option as well. Oversized coats and sweaters are flattering and fashionable as well, and they are usually very comfortable. If it is a bit warmer out, you can wear things like lighter jackets as your outer layer.

Accessories and Other Items

A way to add warmth without adding too much bulk is by wearing items like hats and scarves. These can be stylish as well! Headscarves are very in style this year. Make sure to match these accessories with the layers you are wearing. Necklaces, bags, bracelets, and other accessories should be a bit more visible with layer looks. You might want longer or larger necklaces so that they stand out. You can also layer your necklaces to match the look, but just ensure that you wear the same metals when you layer them. For example, wear all silver or all gold, don’t mismatch. 

Know Your Body Shape

Every person’s body is different, but there are a few categories that everybody falls into. These body shapes can help you define what to wear and how to wear it. Layering can work for every body type, but there are certain ways to layer depending on yours. For example, people with an inverted triangle body type should wear shorter coats and maybe wear long boots instead. Other body types might look best with a long trenchcoat style. If you know your body type, you can learn to style and layer your clothes in a much more flattering way. 

Choosing Your Outfit

To complete a layer look, you will also need to decide what different pants and shoes you will wear. Black leggings are a great winter look, and you can find them in many different thicknesses to keep you warm. Jeans are often pretty warm and stylish, and if you size up, you can wear tights or leggings underneath for extra warmth without compromising on style. Tights are a great winter clothing staple. Wear them under your pants or dresses for added warmth. Try not to buy tights that get bunched up on the legs or around your waist, as this could make you feel bulky. Wearing warm socks and shoes is also important, and boots are the perfect way to finish an outfit that will keep you nice and warm.

Get Started 

All you need to do to learn layering for warmth is take a look in your own closet. There are so many ways to style what you already have and purchase a few new staple pieces to make your wardrobe shine. Take a look at what you have and make a plan for the new articles you can purchase to make your layering perfect!