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How to Style an Inverted Triangle Figure

Style An Inverted Triangle Figure

If you have an inverted triangle body type, you are beautiful and unique. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Renee Zellweger, and Demi Moore are great examples of this body type. When it comes to purchasing clothing and styling yourself, it isn’t the easiest body type to buy for, but it is commanding and impressive when you find the right fit. 

Inverted Triangle Body Type

The inverted triangle body type is characterized by a few qualities. The most recognizable feature is having broad or wide shoulders and a narrow waist. Many women with this body type have little to no waist definition and relatively thin legs. This body type is beautiful and very different from other body types. If you aren’t sure which body type you have, you can find out by determining the relationship between your shoulders, waist, and hips. You can measure them using a tape measure if you aren’t able to determine from looking in the mirror or from photographs. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine which body type is yours. No body type is better than others, we are all just different! 

Wide Shoulders

What sets wide shoulders apart from the others? Having broad or wide shoulders means that your clavicle, or collarbone, is longer compared to your waist. Too many clothes are not designed for wider shoulders, and this could be why you may have difficulty finding clothing that shows off your striking beauty. Finding clothes that fit your style and fit your shoulders perfectly could pose a challenge, but finding the right fit can be hard for any body type. 

Get Inspired

As you prepare to revamp your wardrobe, get inspired by other women with the inverted triangle body type. There are so many gorgeous looks that have been worn on red carpets and in films with this body type. There are certain types of clothes, looks, or styles that really highlight the inverted triangle body type and show you what your body type is capable of! Be proud of your body and how beautiful it is. 

Inverted Triangle Body Shape Outfits

Once you’ve been inspired by some looks, you will notice that there are a few classic outfits and articles of clothing that really highlight the inverted triangle body type. Try some of these styles and see what looks best on you! You may even change up your whole style once you see how fabulous you look. You may want to emphasize your lower half, creating more balance. See what you love and make your choices based on what you love about your individual body. 


In the pursuit of balance, for the inverted triangle body shape, the top of your body is not going to be the focus of the outfit. You already have everything you need for your natural beauty to shine! You want to seek out shirts and tops that will add hip volume and waist definition. Wrap tops, fitted shirts, and fine, soft fabrics are your focus.


When it comes to choosing outfits, necklines are very important for inverted triangle figures. You want to make your body balanced, so avoiding necklines that are off-the-shoulder or strapless can help create that look. Try V-necks, asymmetrical necklines, and fitted crew necks. Halter tops are also very flattering. Avoid square necklines as well. 


You can really have fun with sleeves when you look for tops. The best sleeves to seek out are flowy, long, and light. You will look great in butterfly, trumpet, cape, or dolman sleeves. In less fancy wear, try to avoid shoulder embellishments or hefty padding. Blazers with wide shoulders or chunky knits should be avoided as well. Look for wide lapels in blazers, or ones with hip details instead. 


This is where inverted triangle body shape outfits get exciting! The bottoms of your outfits are where you can really be bold and have fun. Right now, style is really focusing on gorgeous pants and skirts, so you will fit right in with today’s fashions. 


The options for the inverted triangle figure when it comes to pants are practically limitless! The main thing you want to avoid is skin-tight, slim pants that cling to your body. This can be difficult to find in jeans, so look for jeans that emphasize your hips and end in a more loose fit. Wide leg, flared, and bell-bottom style pants are so stylish and come in such gorgeous colors! You can opt for high waisted or not. Seek for patterns, colorful, or light colored jeans that will stand out! Other fun looks are buttons or ties around the waist. 

Skirts and Dresses

With a similar view on skirts as with pants, look for colorful and voluminous skirts. Avoid slim fit or pencil skirts. A-line skirts, pleated, and layered skirts are classically beautiful and you can find many varieties in those fits


Accessorizing this body type can be a bit tricky. Balance is still key, so avoiding accessories that make the upper body stand out can ruin that balance. Statement earrings and necklaces should be avoided, but bracelets, rings, belts, and even long necklaces are a great way to bring that balance down to the lower body. Crossbody purses and bags are great accessories that add lower body weight as well. Shoes are another part of this, so make your shoes as exciting as you would like! Choose shoes that are brightly colored or have details that make them stand out. Boots are another great way to add lower body volume. You can wear just about any shoe you want, including strappy or wedge heels, larger (even knee-high) boots, and more. 

Your Style

If you have the inverted triangle body type, you have so many options that truly show off your figure and help you look absolutely stunning. Try some of these styles and see what piques your interest! You are sure to look amazing, and you will see that you can find the perfect fit.