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How to Dress Up Any Outfit

Are you looking for new and unique ways to dress up your wardrobe? Maybe your workplace requires you to dress formally or semi-formally and you’re tired of having to wear uncomfortable and overpriced clothes all the time. Perhaps you’re just looking for new ways to spice up your outfit rotation. Whatever your case for dressing up is, it doesn’t take much to really enhance your style.

Most people don’t have the money or time to hire a professional stylist to take care of choosing their outfits for them. Usually, you’re on your own when it comes to developing your fashion sense, give or take the opinions of a few stylish friends. In this article, we’ll give you a few tips and tricks for dressing up your day-to-day outfits without forcing you to toss out your entire wardrobe. 

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How to Dress Up Your Wardrobe

At Pretty and All, we understand that everyone has their own individual styles and tastes. Fashion doesn’t have a specific look, and there are so many ways to look good without breaking the bank or giving up the idiosyncrasies of your original style. You can add flair to any outfit easily by choosing pieces that accentuate your body and your personality. 

This takes us to our first tip for dressing up any outfit, which is to pay attention to your choice of shoes. Shoes are crucial to the vibe of any outfit. Plus, using shoes as a way to dress up a classic look like jeans and a t-shirt can make the difference between a casual outfit and a dressy ensemble. The same principle for dressing down an outfit can be used for dressing up an outfit in this case. 

For example, if you want to dress down a slightly more formal outfit, you can pair your look with sneakers. If your outfit is more relaxed but you want it to be seen as slightly more extravagant, bust out a pair of block heels or a heeled sandal. 

Dressing Up Casual Outfits

Shoes aren’t the only important thing when it comes to dressing to impress, though. You don’t need to change your entire wardrobe to make your outfits feel fancier than they actually are. In reality, it only takes a few choice accessories or pieces of clothing to really galvanize your friends and colleagues. 

First, you’ll want to invest in a few coats. Jackets can be a great way to dress up your usual wardrobe without changing the core tenants of your personal style. Plus, because you can take them off, you can choose the type of look you want to exhibit depending on the environment. A tailored coat or wrap can be the perfect way to spruce up your style

Another way to dress up a casual outfit is to ditch the jeans. This doesn’t mean that you have to give up jeans for dressing up all your looks, nor does it mean that you have to sacrifice comfort for style. Try out some wide-leg pants. They can be equally as easy and sometimes even more comfortable than your favorite pair of jeans, plus they almost automatically dress up whatever look you were planning on wearing. Take some wide-leg pants and pair them with a t-shirt and some cute accessories. You’ll see the difference between the dressiness of the look immediately. 

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Dressing Up on a Budget With Your Pre-Existing Wardrobe

As we said before, you don’t need to throw out all of your clothes and start fresh if you’re looking to dress up your wardrobe. In fact, you really only need to add a few key pieces to your pre-existing collection of clothes. We’ve already gone over some of the pieces you might want to add, including more formal shoes, jackets, coats, and pants, but let’s get more specific. 

If you’re not interested in swapping out your jeans for wide-leg pants, we’ve got you covered. You can apply the same principle to your tops. Just swap a t-shirt out for a dressier blouse. Keep your jeans, but exhibit your style on the top half of your body. A blouse is an easy way to dress up an outfit that might not be as formal as you wish it was. 

Blazers are also a great way to trick people into thinking you’re more dressed up than usual. You can pair a t-shirt and jeans with a structured blazer to create a more chic look out of something you would normally wear on a casual day. As you can probably tell, there’s a pattern emerging here. Instead of trying to replace your current casual outfits, you can add one or two pieces to enhance the look. Starting over from scratch can be a lot more challenging than simply adding one or two things to something you would already wear, plus you can retain whatever personality you’ve added to your fashion sense this way.

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Why Dressing Up Doesn’t Have to Be a Big Deal

The more you dress up your casual outfits, the more you realize that dressing up isn’t as big of a deal as it's made out to be. You probably remember being a little kid and having to dress up in something completely devoid of your personal style and personal identity every now and then for a fancy event. We’re here to remind you that fashion is supposed to be fun. So, if you find that dressing up your outfits seems more like a chore than anything else, take some of our tips for spicing things up with your wardrobe. 

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