2022 is the End for Cliché Bridal Party Gifts - Pretty and All

2022 is the End for Cliché Bridal Party Gifts

Your bridesmaids are going to play a very important role in the preparation and execution of everything that happens on your wedding day. You’ve chosen them because they are the people who mean the most to you and that you can count on no matter what. So how do you show these special people just how much they mean to you? Well, if you’re looking for an alternative to the cliché bridal party gifts you may have gotten in the past, look no further. Here, we’ll share some unique bridesmaid gift ideas you can use for your upcoming wedding. 

What Is a Bridesmaid Proposal Box?

bridesmaid proposal box

A bridesmaid proposal box is probably exactly what it sounds like. It is a gift box that contains a letter or card where you will pop the question to your friends, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” While it isn’t a necessity for asking your bridesmaids, it is a fun way to do so. The box could be a premade gift box for a DIY creation you’ve made with your bridesmaids in mind.

What goes into a bridesmaid proposal box is entirely up to you. They could include things like candles, robes, makeup bags, or tumblers. You could also personalize your boxes by choosing unique items for each friend. Some examples of individualized gift items include jewelry, makeup, or snacks. 

The most important part of the box is the letter inside. You could keep it simple with nothing but a “Will you be my bridesmaid?” note or make it more elaborate. For example, if your friends haven’t been a bridesmaid before, they might not know what they’re saying yes to. They also might not know what they’ll be expected to pay for. In the letter, you could include important details about what you will be asking of them to avoid unexpected, painful surprises later. 

Maid of Honor Gifts

maid of honor

On top of all the normal bridesmaid duties, your maid of honor takes on even more responsibility. For this reason, they deserve a present that is just that little bit more extravagant or special than the other bridesmaids. 

When you are deciding on the best maid of honor gifts, it’s best to make it personal! Think about what your maid of honor likes, the types of activities they enjoy doing, their favorite movie or TV show, or anything else you can think of. Keeping that in mind, you can choose a gift that they will truly cherish for a lifetime. 

Tote Bag

Is your maid of honor someone who takes a tote bag with them everywhere they go? They may enjoy a personalized bag that says “Maid of Honor,” including your wedding date, or a funny inside joke on it. Every time they head to the beach, grocery store, or the gym, they’ll be reminded of you and your wedding day.

Yoga Set

Maybe your maid of honor is someone you love hitting up the local studio with, or they simply love yoga. A unique present for them would be a cute yoga set in their favorite color. You could even purchase two matching sets so the next time you head to yoga together, you can make a stylish statement.

Cozy Blanket

Few things for your home are as useful as a cozy, comfortable blanket. There are tons of options out there to get personalized blankets with small monogrammed initials or large prints based on a favorite memory. It can be a beautiful piece to add to their home, while also serving a functional purpose whenever the weather gets a little bit chilly.

Unique Bridesmaid Gifts

thank you gift

Now that you have the maid of honor taken care of, it’s time to start thinking about some unique bridesmaid gifts for the rest of your bridal party.


For the bridesmaid in your life that loves art, consider finding a piece of limited edition artwork that they can hang on their walls. You could also commission a custom print that symbolizes your friendship or frame a custom poem or quote that you both enjoy. 

Luggage Tag

Do you have a bridesmaid that is always on the go to the next vacation spot? A unique and useful gift for them would be a pretty leather luggage tag. It would help them keep an eye on their luggage and quickly identify it as they’re headed from airport to airport. You can have it monogrammed with their name or initials and even choose your wedding colors for the background to make it a subtle reminder of that special day.

Spa Gift

A wedding is a stressful time not just for the bride and groom. The bridesmaids also do a lot to make sure the day goes off without a hitch. Why not reward them after the fact with a gift certificate for a nearby spa? Plus, you can stretch this gift to meet your budget. You could get them a quick facial or a full body massage depending on how much you want to spend.

Instant Camera

This is a cool gift, especially for weddings where you might institute a “no phone” policy. Today’s Polaroid-inspired mini cameras are easily taken on the go to events like weddings and so much more. Stock them up with a film starter pack and they’ll be able to capture memories of your special day. Plus, they’ll be able to use it for years to come by purchasing their own film packs.

No More Cliché Bridal Party Gifts

With this gift guide, we can make 2022 the end of cliché bridal party gifts. If you’re looking for ways to think outside of the box and get your friends or family something they will truly cherish forever, consider one of the gifts from above. Remember that it is not about how much money you have to spend on these gifts, it’s about the thought that goes into them. Your bridal party will understand that your wedding was an expensive event, so it’s okay if they’re not extravagant gifts. As long as they come from the heart, they will love them - and you for making them a part of your special day.