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Comfy (and Professional) Pieces for Remote Workers

Work from Home? These Pieces Will Make You Stand Out on Zoom

If you’ve been on the internet since the pandemic started, chances are you’ve seen the memes of people “dressing up” for work on zoom by wearing button-ups or suit jackets while simultaneously hiding pajama pants from the view of the camera. Who knows, maybe you’re also guilty of this clever comfort life hack. But, this viral internet joke brings a huge issue to the forefront: how can we balance style with comfort while we work from home? 

Many people struggle with finding the appropriate mix between comfortable and professional clothes for zoom. This is natural, as many of us tend to dress up professionally when we go into the office, but working from home, we tend to want to be dressed more for comfort than professionalism. When no one is looking at you during most of the time you spend behind your screen, work meetings via zoom bring up some interesting challenges when it comes to attire. 

Tips for Finding Appropriate Work Attire for Zoom 

Now, there’s nothing wrong with wearing pajama pants or sweatpants along with a professional-looking top for a zoom call. However, if you get up to use the bathroom or grab something to drink, you risk forgetting to turn your camera off, thus exposing yourself (so to speak). 

We want you to make an effort to be stylish but also comfortable. For some people, getting ready for the day is a huge part of their morning routine. When that structure is no longer necessary, it might make it harder to mix up your style. 

If you look through your work outfits and find nothing that looks comfortable enough to wear when you work from home, you might need to expand your thinking and wardrobe. Here are some more tips for finding appropriate comfortable clothing for zoom:

  • Look for items that have a loose or flowy fit.
  • Leggings can be business-casual.
  • A sweater can make any outfit look professional.
  • Accessories are your friends.

Comfy Clothes for Women

Now, if you are fully working from home and rarely have to get on a zoom call, we have some cute pieces to help you spice up your quarantine wardrobe. We all know how it feels when you realize you’ve been wearing pajamas the entire week without even realizing it. Here are some of the comfiest clothes we’ve pulled off our website.

Ribbed Chill Lounge Set

Don’t you love when your pajamas can pass for real clothes? That’s exactly what you’re getting with this loungewear set. Now, could you get away with wearing this set to work? Maybe not. However, for zoom meetings and morning coffee trips, it passes.

The wide leg of the pajama trousers, as well as the clothing’s ribbed texture, is what makes this set stand out from the rest. These characteristics are what give the outfit a chic flair to your average pajama set. Along with the top, it’s not glaringly obvious that these are, in fact, pajamas. 

Longline Mineral Washed Hi-Lo Sweater

With its dropped long sleeves with thumbholes, this casual sweater is a classy interpretation of a regular sweatshirt. This shirt, paired with jeans or a fun patterned set of pants, could even pass as professional if you went into the workplace. 

Black Cutout Sweatshirt

The black cutout sweatshirt is another great sweater in our loungewear collection. It is also a contender for acceptable zoom attire. Paired with sweatpants, you’ll be looking good on zoom while also being perfectly comfortable sitting in bed. 

Cute Business Casual Outfits

Find that a lot of your work consists of meeting with others over zoom. You might be more comfortable simply dressing up a little more rather than creating the illusion of professionalism while retaining comfort. In this case, we’ve got you covered with two of our best business-casual outfits.

Ribbed Long Sleeve Henley Mini Dress 

This mini dress is the definition of business casual. Pair this dress with some high knee boots, a couple of accessories, and voila! Not only do you look fashionable, but you’re also keeping that sense of professionalism in your appearance. We predict that you’ll be getting some compliments from your co-workers when you put this one on. 

Cream Chenille Sweater and Vintage Slim Straight Jeans

Wearing a sweater is one of the easiest ways to trick everyone around you into thinking you look professional. This is especially true if you layer a button up underneath it. Sweaters are a great way to stay comfortable in the fall and winter months. Pair this with our vintage slim straight jeans and maybe a Chelsea boot, and you’ve got the perfect fall or winter outfit. 

Casual Work Outfits

In your hunt for casual work outfits, you should stay true to your style, as well as your comfort level. At Pretty and All, we allow our clients to represent themselves through their sense of fashion, as well as creating clothes that you can wear for almost any occasion, whether it’s work, school, or just hanging out at home. We include people who wear larger sizes, a population often overlooked in the fashion industry. 

Our boutique is size-inclusive, and we pride ourselves on curating beautiful pieces of clothing. We want you to see that top or those pants or that dress that leaves you breathless, thinking, “I have to have it.” We want you to be able to walk away with a product that fits you perfectly. 

If you love it and can wear it in the office, that might give you the confidence to seize the day. Work outfits can make or break our attitudes about our work, and we don’t realize it. If you’re interested in seeing more of our collections, feel free to peruse our website, or you can contact us about private in-person shopping groups.