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The Benefits of Supporting Small Businesses

Many people have heard about the importance of supporting small businesses with their time, money, and attention. Choosing to work with and shop with small businesses is highly worthwhile for several reasons, especially when these businesses come with a large number of positive, highly impactful differences compared to larger companies, including in their practices and customer relations. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the top benefits of supporting small businesses, including what the benefits are for a small business in comparison to the benefits for a larger company when they receive your business, and the benefits of shopping with and supporting a small business.

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Benefits for Businesses

Customers want and need to feel valued by the businesses they support with their time, money, and attention. From the perspective of a business, making customers feel seen and valued is not only an ethical business practice, but it’s also highly impactful. If a customer feels valued, a business can earn their happiness and loyalty. Making a customer feel this way can also set a business apart from other businesses due to the specific, positive experiences the customer has with them and the likelihood that the customer will tell others about their positive experiences. In this way, making a customer feel valued has some very significant financial impacts.

If a customer feels valued, they become loyal to the business or at least a repeat customer to a degree. If a customer doesn’t feel valued, they fail to become loyal to the business or a repeat customer. Just as telling others about their positive experiences will give the business the potential to have other loyal repeat customers, telling others about their negative experiences will give the business the potential to have even less business than they currently have. With positive customer relations, a business successfully sets itself apart from the competition, but also provides itself with more customers, recommendations, and revenue.

Benefits for Small Businesses

While there are various significant benefits for businesses from your time, money, and attention in general, there are some arguably even more significant benefits from your time, money, and attention for small businesses. There are even more significant benefits because there are benefits for both the small businesses and the customers. When customers choose to support a small business, that small business is able to stay afloat and succeeds in generally staying in business longer. The more customers a small business has, the longer it can stay in business and thus compete effectively with other larger businesses and corporations.

By being able to compete more with larger businesses and corporations, a small business can also continue to have truly meaningful customer relationships. Small businesses often have closer relationships with their customers due to their narrowed focus on maintaining quality, consistency, and relationships. The ability to consistently talk to customers in-person, through email, and on the phone all build and maintain close relationships between a small business and its customers. Successful small businesses also have the ability to improve worldwide quality and break up monopolies by being consistent competition for different larger companies.

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Small Business Benefits

In addition to the aforementioned benefits to customers of supporting a small business, including increasing worldwide quality and breaking up monopolies, there are other impactful benefits to shopping with and supporting small businesses. A small business not only understands and truly values the support of its customers beyond simple revenue, but a small business also holds many of the same values as the average customer. Small businesses truly value quality and consistency outside of the motivations of revenue. They want a better world for everyone, which includes greater transparency, representation, and inclusivity in their products and service.

There are many ways that a small business benefits communities. Small businesses create more jobs, encouraging economic growth. They also provide support for underrepresented groups of people, such as minorities and people who identify as plus-sized, among others. In effectively promoting higher representation and support for underrepresented communities, giving your support to small businesses allows a higher level of worldwide positivity and acceptance. You can be a part of greater positivity and acceptance in the world. Small businesses also lessen various environmental impacts, as these businesses often work to provide more sustainability and green practices.

Supporting a Small Business

By supporting a small business that supports and promotes impactful practices such as inclusivity, representation, and sustainability, you are effectively becoming a part of some very significant positive changes in your community and for the planet altogether. Larger companies often don’t have the incentive or even the inclination to continue or promote more ethical and sustainable practices that benefit communities and the planet. They also have less incentive or inclination to continue or promote quality or value for their customers. Supporting a small business means you are supporting positive practices instead of negatively impactful practices.

When it comes to fashion and clothing, supporting a small business becomes all the more important as this industry’s history and practices have had many impacts on communities, representation, and sustainability. Not only does a smaller fashion business often have much better business practices in numerous areas compared to larger fashion and style companies, but these small businesses can also provide a much more unique experience and unique products for customers. In contrast to larger companies that over-produce clothes and other products in ill-fitting or unrelatable sizes, small fashion businesses have more unique, specialized products.

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The Benefits of Supporting Small

There are so many benefits of supporting small businesses to consider the next time you’re going shopping. You can feel good about your shopping and purchases when you choose to support a small business because you can have high assurance that you are promoting inclusivity, representation, and sustainability. You will be truly valued as a customer and supporter, not just a means to higher revenue. For all the benefits of unique, quality clothing and style options from a company that truly cares, browse Pretty & All today.