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How to Stop Thigh Chafing This Summer

How to Stop Thigh Chafing This Summer

Knowing how to avoid your skin chafing is an important step in providing yourself body comfort, so you can go out and conquer. Everyone is at risk of experiencing chafing at some point in their life as it is a very common condition. However, certain seasons can increase the likelihood of you experiencing chafing while you’re out and about. The summer season brings a lot of heat and moisture to different areas, and you want to feel great and stay comfortable through it. In this article, we’ll discuss how to stop thigh chafing this summer, what chafing can be like, and how to prevent chafing so you can stay well and focused, regardless of the season.

Thigh Chafing in the Summer

Chafing is a common skin problem caused by any combination of moisture, friction, and irritating fabric. If you have prolonged skin rubbing, your skin may also burn or sting. You may develop a red rash, although these are usually mild. In more severe cases, your skin chafing can cause some bleeding, swelling, or crusting. You are most likely to develop chafing on the body parts that frequently rub against your clothing or each other, such as the buttocks and thighs. The feet, groin, nipples, and armpits are other parts that commonly chafe. As the largest organ on your body, your skin deserves proper care, especially in harsh conditions.

Chafing such as in the thighs can be especially common in hotter climates and during the summer months. Some other causes of chafing are nursing, endurance sports, or ill-fitting clothes. These causes can contribute to a more severe case of chafing if hot weather, body heat, or sweat are also present. Skin cells can also break down if you overwork them. Skin needs to be dry, clean, and have the right amount of lotion or body oil to prevent friction and possible chafing. Many things can cause your skin to chafe, but there are ways to prevent chafing with some specific actions and preventive measures.

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How to Prevent Chafing

Many people wait for the summer season to return all year so they can take advantage of the warmer weather, longer days, and outdoor activity possibilities. As temperatures begin to increase again, it can feel really great to get outside for hikes, runs in the park, sunny walks, and fitness classes. However, for all of the new and exciting benefits and possibilities of summer, there are some potential risks if you’re not careful. With increased sweat and shorter shorts, many people have inner thigh chafing. You can chafe no matter what body size you have because it occurs simply from contact. So, how can you prepare and prevent chafing?

Some of the best ways to prepare for summer and effectively prevent chafing involve using specific products to control heat and sweat and investing in the right clothing for the season and your activities. To stop chafing this summer, consider moisture-wicking underwear, wearing skin powder, using some anti-chafe cream or a stick, exercising in performance wear, applying a homemade remedy, looking for an extra fabric layer, and wearing activity clothing for more heat and sweat control. With a few preventative measures and some specific products for the heat, moisture, and increased activity of summer, you can be comfortable and feel great.

Moisture-Wicking Underwear

When you are out and about this summer and the heat starts kicking in, a great way to control and decrease sweating and moisture around the body parts that are at a higher risk for chafing is to invest in undergarments specifically designed to fight chafing. Some underwear is specifically for moisture-wicking or anti-chafing and is comfortable and flexible for activities.

Skin Powder

In addition to anti-chafing undergarments, your body can also benefit from some other anti-chafing products this summer. Consider applying some skin powder to the areas of your body that are at a high risk for chafing as you go about your daily activities. A powder can help keep your skin dry and smelling great depending on the powder’s ingredients.

Chafing Cream

A chafing cream or roll-on stick can also be a worthy addition to your summer essentials. A roll-on stick is especially great if you have specific spots of chafing or spots more likely to chafe. These products can create a skin-friendly layer that lubricates and shields your body without making your skin too slimy or slick.

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Performance Wear

When you go outside to exercise or even just to run errands, you can encounter a lot of heat in the summer. The right clothing for summer is all about making you feel beautiful as well as comfortable in the heat. Compression trunks, performance shorts, and others can prevent irritating skin-on-skin contact.

Homemade Remedy

There are also some great home remedies out there to try for your inner thigh chafing or other chafing. A homemade remedy such as one that includes coconut oil and cornstarch can give just enough glide to your skin without feeling too greasy. Other recipes include lavender oil for its smell and other benefits.

Extra Layer

In many instances when we shop, we’re looking for different outfits and outfit pieces based largely on style instead of function. Buying some longer outfit pieces, such as longer shorts can really help with chafing. Longer shorts, a cute and functional jacket, or some longer pants can give you an extra layer of protection.

Activity Clothing

In addition to moisture-wicking undergarments, other pieces of activity clothing can provide you with more functionality when you’re outside in the summer heat. The best part is, you don’t have to choose between style and functionality with ever-evolving athleisure options. There are many cute choices to help you feel great in every way.

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Stop Thigh Chafing This Summer With Pretty & All

To stop thigh and other chafing this summer, try these top ideas from Pretty & All. With so many great options to play around with, you’re sure to find your authentic style while feeling great.