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Size-Inclusive vs. Plus-Sized

Size-Inclusive vs. Plus-Sized: What’s the Difference?

There is an ongoing revolution in the fashion industry that is pushing for more inclusive sizing, inclusive brands, and representation of size inclusivity in fashion models and advertisements. Representation, self-worth, and feeling great no matter what size you are all important aspects of an evolving and accepting society. In this article, we’ll discuss the difference between size-inclusive and plus-sized, including what defines a mid-size woman, what defines a plus-sized woman, how these differ from inclusive, and how you can support inclusive brands to make a difference toward greater inclusivity alongside the brands working for a positive change. 

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What Is a Mid-Sized Woman?

There are many different sizes out there, and it can be difficult to determine what size you are, especially when sizes can differ between brands and individual pieces. Every brand has distinct sizing systems, and the numbering systems of different brands can mean many things. Generally speaking, mid-sized clothing ranges from 10 to 16 in women’s fashion. Many people previously shared the sentiment that their unique body type was rarely, if ever, shown on social media before the developing size evolution. The body positivity movement continues to encourage people of all sizes to embrace their bodies.

However, the concept of mid-sized fashion is still somewhat new, so there aren’t many clothing brands that cater to mid-sized women. While many brands continue to exclude mid-sized clothing from their offerings, other more inclusive brands are stepping up to the plate to continue to build on the trend of body positivity and acceptance. Owing to the growing campaign toward size-inclusivity, social media influencers are also using their unique platforms to hold brands more accountable for a lack of size-inclusive fashion offerings. The tiny dressing rooms, harsh lighting, or even outright lack of larger sizes all mark the need for a shift.

What Is a Plus-Sized Woman?

Plus-sized has also become a buzzword used more than ever in the diverse world of fashion. With the average UK dress size being 16 and the average US dress size being 14, it’s high time the fashion industry began catering to a larger market. However, you may not know the distinction between size-inclusive and plus-sized. Figuring out what plus-sized means can be difficult as it’s largely open to interpretation. Brands, model agents, and designers often follow their own personal definitions. Plus-sized in the US and the UK can also mean different things. Plus-sized generally refers to sizes 12 and above in US women’s fashion.

The market for plus-size clothing has a global value of around $178 billion and many retailers have jumped at this growing opportunity. Plus-sized models have also never been higher in demand, with big-name fashion brands launching more inclusive fashion lines offering various plus-sized wardrobe staples, such as plus-sized leggings, plus-sized shapewear, jeans for curvy women, and more. Some of the best plus-size clothing companies are also effectively challenging various beauty standards. These companies are normalizing stretch marks, cellulite, larger busts, broad hips, and back rolls by showcasing their styles on larger bodies.

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What’s the Difference Between Size-Inclusive and Plus-Sized?

Did you know that the average size for a woman in the US has grown from size 14 to size 18? The specific body type that many fashion brands catered to in the past, both from technical design and marketing perspectives, has become outdated and in desperate need of a change. Many brands that seek more inclusivity begin with just one so-called standard-sized model and then scale down and up to create a range of sizes instead of using several plus-sized models to create a more true range. While plus-sized can have specific size ranges depending on the brand, true size-inclusivity focuses instead on having inclusive sizes and layouts.

The size-inclusive approach is focused more on allowing all shoppers and lovers of the latest fashion styles to have better access to some of their favorite fashion collections instead of only allowing or even outright promoting this access for women of a so-called average size. A true inclusive clothing collection sells the same clothing pieces in a range of sizes instead of having a separate section or line for plus sizes. Whether you are small, short, tall, athletic, big, flat, or curvy, you shouldn’t have trouble finding clothes that fit you properly and are trendy and cute. You deserve clothes that look great and make you feel great.

How Are Inclusive Brands Making a Difference?

With over 3.6 billion people using social media all over the world, a large part of daily life for many people includes checking some of their favorite social media platforms. However, constantly scrolling through social media sites can actually affect the way you see yourself. This type of media can distort how you perceive your body image. This distortion can in turn have a negative impact on your wellness and happiness. Different size-inclusive brands are working to change the course of body distortion from social media. Fashion and shopping websites such as Pretty & All feature many images of real women of all sizes wearing beautiful pieces.

Inclusive brands such as Pretty & All are also working to combat the negative effects of social media and continue to promote size inclusivity by offering a wide range of athletic wear, basics, and loungewear in different sizes to ensure that anyone who browses the site can have an enjoyable and fun shopping experience. If you’ve ever felt less confident or outright uncomfortable when shopping, more inclusive brands are well worth seeking out. Shopping, trying on clothes, and finding cute, comfortable clothes shouldn’t be an unpleasant experience with few options. Size-inclusive brands have a philosophy to ensure you enjoy shopping.

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Supporting More Size-Inclusive Brands

While plus-sized refers to a more specific range of sizes, size-inclusive allows a wider range of sizes in the same pieces, and allows the same access to all of these sizes and styles. For a truly size-inclusive brand you can feel great about shopping with and supporting, browse Pretty & All’s website today.