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Why Size-Inclusive Boutiques Are All the Rage

Size-Inclusive Boutiques Are All the Rage

Many clothing brands throughout the worldwide span of the fashion industry are jumping on the trend of size-inclusivity. However, more than just another flashy and soon-to-fade trend, size-inclusivity continues to have some large, positive impacts on society, representation, and the fashion industry as a whole. Many companies are changing their clothes offerings and advertisements to promote more size inclusivity but you may not know the details of how and why size inclusivity has become all the rage. In this article, we’ll discuss why size-inclusive boutiques are all the rage now, how size-inclusive brands work, and what inclusive sizing is.

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Trendy Online Boutiques

There are many different ways to shop that are ever-evolving right alongside size inclusivity. More options for online shopping are popping up now than ever before. Online shopping is also much different from in-person and department store shopping experiences. While department stores and other chains mass-produce and market an overwhelming amount of products to their consumers, an online boutique specializes in hand-picked, unique items. A chain is run by a huge corporation while an online boutique is most often a small business and is closer to its products, has a personal commitment to its customer base, and has a true appreciation for its supporters. 

Trendy online boutiques specialize in certain products so you have a less overwhelming selection of unique pieces, such as the clothing, accessories, and jewelry, such as from Pretty & All. If you’re looking to support small businesses more with your fashion hauls and other shopping, an online boutique is a great option. There is a higher level of focus and dedication from the staff of a small business, so in addition to giving back and supporting growing businesses, you also have the benefit of high quality, great customer service, and a closer relationship with the people you buy from. The owners make all the difference for their shoppers.

What Is a Size-Inclusive Brand?

As society continues to evolve, the fashion industry is continuing to adapt alongside it with changing representation, marketing approaches, and store offerings. The average size of a woman in the US has grown from size 14 to size 18, marking the need for a shift in the way clothing businesses operate and what they focus on. The specific body type that many clothing businesses previously catered to, both from technical design and marketing perspectives is outdated and the world and its diverse groups are looking for new, developed approaches. The push for more size-inclusive clothing and representation is intensifying as is the call for change.

More brands than ever before are providing larger sizes, but many companies continue to have flawed approaches to the sizing and fit of their clothing. True size inclusivity is beyond simply offering larger sizes in clothing options, it’s focused on more inclusive behaviors and making all audiences feel seen, represented, and comfortable before, during, and after shopping. A brand worth supporting has other focuses than just profit, and other companies can take this focus to a whole new level, prioritizing profit above all, even at the sacrifice of customer experiences and wellness. The businesses to support prioritize you.

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Inclusive Sizing

While clothing businesses are starting to have larger sizes in their clothes, this is not true size-inclusivity. Often, when you browse the online or in-person offerings of these businesses, the larger sizes remain separated and less accessible in comparison to the smaller sizes. There is also inequality in what these businesses offer in their sizes. You may love a specific blouse and find that the business doesn’t offer it in your size while most if not all of the clothes come in smaller sizes. Offering everything in smaller sizes while only offering specific items in larger sizes isn’t inclusive, it’s overtly exclusive to a select few, revealing a store focus.

So-called high fashion brands are especially infamous for not representing or being truly inclusive of groups of people who aren’t thin, white, and are on the outskirts of the popular beauty standard. Truly size-inclusive brands focus on equal accessibility to products and a range of sizes so customers don’t feel othered or less body positive when shopping and buying clothes. All women deserve the opportunity to feel respected and represented in the fashion industry. When people feel respected and represented, it can also develop into larger and more expansive social progress. Size-inclusive brands also have truer sizes, so their clothes fit better.

A Positive and Inclusive Boutique Experience

There are many reasons to shop with a more inclusive brand. You can have a more positive experience shopping and buying clothes without feeling less like your natural, beautiful self. You won't feel othered by the sizing options, selection options, or layout of the brand's clothes which might otherwise reflect a higher focus on a specific demographic. The best brands to support with your money and time represent and value all demographics for widespread positivity and acceptance. In addition to the impactful benefits of supporting a size-inclusive clothing brand, there are even more benefits if the inclusive clothing brand is a small business.

Shopping with an inclusive small business allows you to be a force of change against business monopolies and large corporations with a less vested interest in communities, social positivity, and cultural change. Supporting an inclusive small business promotes inclusivity, local economies, and representation of largely underrepresented groups of people. There's so much to love about being more selective with the businesses you support. Inclusive clothing boutiques often have options of a higher quality than other bulk retailers. With a closer relationship to your clothing brand, you can also benefit from a more attractive selection of styles to selectively curate your wardrobe.

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Supporting Size-Inclusive Boutiques

There are many reasons why size-inclusive boutiques are all the rage now, and you can do your part to promote size-inclusivity and small businesses at the same time by shopping at size-inclusive boutiques. To support size-inclusivity from the comfort of your home, browse Pretty & All today.